Testing out these yummy @naturebox snacks . I am loving them - especially the coconut cashews and the cinnamon swirl kettle kernels. Deliciously wholesome snacks delivered monthly straight to your door. these are delicious! Can’t wait to order more of some of these 😍


Parker. He’s being camera shy

My MeUndies came in! 😊 Fresh, superior underwear delivered monthly to your door - The World’s Most Comfortable Underwear, only at www.MeUndies.com @me_undies

If I had a pet ram; we’d butt heads.

"The Breakup Blog: How Heartbreak Kills An Artist"

New blog on my recent breakup; Only at www.anthonypolanco.com/blog

#24 more days till Lakers basketball. 🙏

BABY - Watch the full video for my ‘Mad World’ cover on YouTube and www.anthonypolanco.com

I hope that I find both comfort and encouragement in you watching the full video. #madworld #comingsoon

But sometimes….. (at Bravo Farms Smokehouse)

Cause if you burn your bridges down, that is a wrong thing to do,
The good you do today will surely live after you