McBass’n it in Sac with @drywowens @soundsandsciences @justinkirksimmons

Watching @mrdizaster vs. Pat Stay in HD. Goodnight suckas!

This is the best thing I’ve ever drank. Rite aid, 1 dollar. Pineapple Coconut. Zero calories.

Next week; my last week.
Doing your next cut at D&G salon in Dinuba, next to YouBees! Starting March 5th; shoot me a text, let’s make an appointment! 5593560078

#Oster #Model10 limited edition. <3

Shots up (at Xcelerate Fitness)

The new jam. #FenderJazz

This album-type weather today in Fresno #Be #Common

Breakfast with the boys (at The Corner Cafe)

I get to kill THIS stage tonight. Eff yeah.

Crushing through tomorrow’s set a few times this morning. I am out of shape! But this is gonna be the most fun performance I’ve given thus far.

When people ask how my day is, I always say good. Because life is good. :)
Because no matter what is going on, I’m always thankful to be alive, and living on such a beautiful planet.

Lunch with the boys (at The Lunch Box)

LOL. Right??? Am I right??? Did I totally nail that??